Project Grey

self-learning Technology

Project Grey uses technology that is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The algorithms used within this project autonomously search for patterns in the collected data. They help us gain insight regarding the subject people discuss on social media and where signs of polarization can be discerned.

The quantity of data we collectively produce is growing explosively. Together this humongous pile of information is called big data. By analysing large amounts of data, we can discover trends regarding certain topics and themes. These techniques are already used on a large scale by companies for purposes such as predicting and influencing consumer behaviour or personalising your feed on social media. This type of self-learning technology is also widely applied in healthcare sector and is gaining more and more traction amongst social organisations.

Through our new tool and dashboard, Project Grey gains insight in radical comments and so called ‘echo chambers’

Project Grey uses these technologies to tackle online polarization, one of the biggest social issues of our time. Through our new tool and dashboard, we gain insight in radical comments and so called ‘echo chambers’, online environments in which you basically only encounter resonance of your own perspective. We use the dashboard as a dissemination tool for the Project Grey social media campaign. We will also train social workers to use the dashboard to track what happens on social media in the area they work. Read more about joining Project Grey.


Project Grey always puts the protection of privacy first. We only use data of public social media accounts, and the data on the dashboard can never be linked to an individual. All our activities comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European privacy law regarding the protection of personal data.