Project Grey


Project Grey is a collaboration between Movisie, Dare to be Grey, Textgain, PDCS and the Verwey-Jonker Institute. It is funded by the European Union (Internal Security Fund – Police).


Movisie is thé national knowledge institute offering a comprehensive approach of social issues. Together with people in practice we develop and implement knowledge of what really works well. Movisie’s unique contribution is in accelerating learning processes. We are not satisfied until we effectuate sustainable positive change in the lives of people in vulnerable situations.

dare to be grey

Dare to be Grey facilitates an online platform against polarization through different social media channels. In addition, Dare to be Grey organizes events regularly and develops an educational programme.

Text gain

Textgain is a spin-off from the University of Antwerp that develops self-learning technology (Artificial Intelligence) to automatically gain insights from large data flows. For example, they developed special monitoring tools that are able to detect extremist propaganda, disinformation and polarization on social media.


PDCS is a non-governmental organization providing professional training and facilitation services, consultancy and advisory services in areas of conflict resolution, support of dialogue in the society, citizen participation and civil society development in Slovakia and abroad. They are the initiators of the European Network for Non-Violence and Dialogue (ENND), a grassroots network established to counter polarizing trends in Central and Eastern Europe.

Verwey-jonker institute

The Verwey-Jonker Institute conducts scientific research on social issues. The institute’s independent experts are guided by a strong sense of social relevance and urgency. Verwey-Jonker Institute guarantees that their solid research provides clients with useful results that can help them reach their goals, such as more effective policy or more citizen involvement.